Nerina Rooms

Our final trek to the little, albeit main, piazza was very short. B&B Nerina, located at Piazza Marconi #20, would be our home for the next three days.

A steep flight of stairs met us on the other side of a dark green door; we ascended, staggering a bit under the weight of our growing bags. Mind you, we only bring one carry-on size each, but bags can still be awkward when hauling them straight up.

Nerina Rooms are in the middle building with the single sheet drying out the window -- we had the rooms on either side of the sheet

The plump mamma of Salvatore Biggi, owner of Nerina Rooms, greeted us at the top with a crooked-toothed smile (at least she had teeth). She unlocked our rooms and showed us around, gave us keys, and left us on our own.

B&B Nerina is a misnomer; certainly we had the bed, but not the breakfast — but we knew that going in. The rooms were simple and comfortable with windows that flung out a couple of floors above the piazza. Thus, the highlight of this place is the first rate view of all the action below: diners, drinkers, swimmers, boaters, and tourists tourists tourists.

Looking down onto Piazza Marconi from our window at Nerina Rooms

Looking straight across from our window

Umbrellas at the edge of the piazza and the sea

Looking towards the harbor

And a little further to the right

This was the most crowded we had ever seen this little town. Undoubtedly, Rick Steves’ exposure has greatly increased the popularity of the area. Once undiscovered, the entire Cinque Terre has recently become a national park.

It was time to unwind. The cheerful sound of exuberant travelers breezed through our open window, mingling with the song of the tide playing with the pebbly shore a few yards off the piazza directly below. After a quick settling in, we joined the revelry.


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