Of course, you cannot visit Italia without indulging in one of its most enjoyable and world-renowned pastimes: EATING!  These photos will have you running to your nearest local Italian restaurant.  But be forewarned — there is nothing like the real thing, no matter what people may say.

Better yet, run to your nearest international airport.

Now get ready to drool…

Start your morning with a delicious cappuccino. Perfetto!

“I decided to put myself on a diet!!
But I only lost so much time!”

(Never diet when you’re in Italia. You can eat as much as you want and never gain because you will walk off every calorie and then some!)

But if you go into a place called Cafe’ Paparazzi, you might want to watch who is keeping track of how much you do eat!


These ravioli look mighty good!

Cousin Donatella made this fantastic pasta

I'm still swooning over this one!

This pasta is called strozzapreti — it means “choke the priest.”  There are differing opinions about how it got its name, but it always makes me laugh so hard I could choke.

OK, there are things besides pasta.

This is a stuffed zucchini flower -- YUM!

This is Caprese, Gino's favorite. Tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella bufala. Although it is a specialty of Capri, he eats it up and down the country.

In Italia, it’s a culinary faux pas to drink cappuccino after mid-morning. Waiters will cringe if you order it after a meal —
all that milk after a full meal is bad for il stomaco.
Blend in with the locals and order an espresso instead.

But you CAN indulge in fruit and pies!

Or choose one (or two, or three) of these yummy dolci

Now don’t all of these photos just make you want to go hop a plane?


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