Hanging Out at Gianni’s House

By the time we returned from our excursion, it was dark. Donatella had a snack waiting for us. We relaxed around the table and talked about all the things we had seen that day.

The next morning we lucked out again. It dawned a beautiful day. We planned to spend it hanging around Gianni and Donatella’s lovely home.

Sunrise from the upper story bedroom window

From the same window later in the day

Gianni shows off a gigantic candlestick that
survived shipping to Italy from California —
he bought it at one of our local wineries during a previous visit

We could easily spend the day hanging out here

Gianni and Donatella's place is like a park in itself

Even their outside faucet is a work of art

Not only is Donatella a superb cook, she grows much of her own food

We decided to go for a little walk. Not far from their house is this adorable chapel.

Chapel in Uponne (Ranco), Province of Varese

We came upon this characteristic sign

And then we found a dairy. As I mentioned before, Donatella is an animal lover. She extends this affection not only to great danes and dormice, but to turtles, donkeys, and cows, as well.

Dad and Donatella greet these friendly guys

These are not Donatella’s cows,
but she makes sure they can reach their lunch

You can drive through this dairy and buy fresh milk

What a relaxing day! But tomorrow we’ll be ready to go out again.


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