Adriana’s House

It was our last evening in Italia. But we couldn’t leave without visiting our dear cousin, Adriana.

During our rides back and forth with Gianni over the last few days, he had pointed out the way to Adriana’s house in Somma Lombardo. Since we were going by ourselves to visit her this final evening, we needed to remember landmarks. Once again, Rocco took the center stage. The turn-off to Adriana’s house was just past the Church of San Rocco. You can’t miss it.

Maria, Adriana’s granddaughter, works at a pasticceria and she had brought home a mouth-watering tray of sweets (dolci). There were also non-sweet appetizers (salati), fresh fruit, juice, and wine. We sat outside and visited awhile before going in to sit around the table and nibble.

Salati e dolci

Even the fruit is a work of art

Adriana brought out pictures of Dad’s first cousin, Gino (Adriana’s deceased husband) to show us. They all decided that Dad resembles one of the other cousins and brought out another picture to prove it. They were right!

Adriana, Mom, Dad, Claudio, Lella, and Maria

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. Adriana, I noticed, had tears in her eyes. So did we.

Back to Uponne

But for a couple of wrong turns, we made it back to Gianni and Donatella’s without too much problem. It was time for more goodbyes.

Gianni’s mother and sister — Maria Luisa and Maria Giudita —
came up to bid us goodbye

Nakita playfully kisses her grandmother, Maria Giudita

And then it was time to say goodnight.

We’d be off to the airport early in the morning.


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