I am fascinated with teensy Italian cars.  Gino calls them “shoes.”  Sometimes they do seem small enough to wear rather than drive.  I am especially enamored of the Fiat Cinque Cento. I take pictures of them whenever I can. Someday I might even get to drive one…

A rolling advertisement in Todi

Even the cat is partial to the Cinque Cento

I wonder if this guy would trade me for my Miata?

Having this pretty little machine wouldn't be too bad, either!

All roads lead to Roma when you're in a Cinque Cento

Just don't get caught by these guys

This funny thing is an ape, pronounce AH-pay. Ape means bee and these machines do buzz around!

You can ride in the rain and not get wet

Another ape -- this one hauls grapes in the Cinque Terre

I guess sometimes they do need a tune-up

This is mine, in front of my house in Italia...yeah, right


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