Market Day in Arona

It was market day in Arona. Mom and I thought we were going to have to miss market day this trip — the last time we had been here, it happened later in the week. If that was still the case, we’d already be gone. But we were very excited to learn market day was on Tuesday, the day before our departure.

Arona is on the other side of Lago Maggiore from Angera. But a convenient ferry schedule enables easy and frequent hops across.

We arrived at the ferry for an early start, anxious to peruse the market. Gianni and Donatella didn’t have any interest in going, but their daughter, Nakita, did.

Looking back at Angera and its castle, La Rocca, from the other side of Lago Maggiore

Almost at Arona

The day was perfect: blue skies and sunshine, again. After a smooth ride across the lake, we hurried off the boat, making a beeline towards the rows of awning-protected vendors lining the lakeside promenade.

Market vendors nestled in the trees along the Arona promenade

Every imaginable item was available: baked chicken, cheeses, jars of local honey, herbs, clothing clothing clothing, housewares, towels, shoes, purses, scarves. Mom and Dad went one way, Nakita and I another.

A great photo of cugina Nakita, Gianni and Donatella's daughter

Scarves — everywhere we had gone this trip in both Ireland and Italia, people had been wearing scarves. Looking so stylish, wrapped and knotted around necks, I wanted one too. I also found a small sticker with the EUR symbol and the name “Chiara” on it, a perfect addition for my little white Miata which I have named Chiara.

Having finished combing every nook and cranny of the market, we boarded the next ferry back to the other side, pleased with our purchases.

Leaving Arona to return to Angera

As we churned towards the dock, we gazed up at La Rocca, Angera’s imposing 14th century medieval castle overlooking the town and the lake. It has recently been designated one of the ten most beautiful castles in Italy. We have visited it several times in the past, so we did not go up today. But that did not stop us from admiring it from below.

La Rocca

Before we drove the couple of miles back to Ranco, we took turns taking pictures of each other.

Dad, Nakita, and Mom

Dad, me, and Nakita

Nakita, Mom, and me

Mom, Dad, and me in Angera,
where my grandmother was born

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