Gino and His Tin Men

For some reason, throughout Italia Gino always happens upon what we now refer to as “Tin Men.”  Maybe it’s because he has an obsession about knights in armor and he just spots them.

Whatever the reason, it’s become a tradition now to always be sure to take a picture of Gino next to his metal friends whenever we come across them.

(Between you and me, I think he really wants to be one of them!  He has confessed to childhood fantasies about being Zorro. And often I wonder why he keeps watching all those James Bond movies over and over again…)

Now Meet Gino’s Tin Men from Italia 2009.

Hey, Buddy! Nice to see you again!

We understand each other

Ready for battle against all those tourists out there!

I can't look!

Now they are stalking Dad! At least this guy "loves Roma"

Psst! Buddy, can you break me out
of this stinking shop?

I wanna hold your ha-a-a-a-nd!


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