Nerone and Richard Gere

In between the wonderful drives with Gianni, we relaxed at their house in Ranco.

Donatella is a big animal-lover. Besides Nerone, their friendly Great Dane, they have a pet dormouse (ghiro in Italian). With the typical Italian sense of humor and love of word play, they named their ghiro Richard Gere.

A similar play on words is reflected in Nerone’s name. Nero means black. The suffix one indicates largeness. For example, your nose is a naso, but your big nose is a nasone. Our favorite Great Dane is black and very large: Nerone.

Donatella and Richard Gere, the Dormouse

Despite the mammoth difference in their sizes, Nerone and Richard Gere are great friends. It’s hard to comprehend it unless you see it for yourself.


Nerone intently watches Richard Gere

A closer look

I'm drooling at the peach, not you!

What I do in the name of friendship!

Mom, Dad, and I all have tiny dogs at home. But at Gianni and Donatella’s house, the antics of Nerone never cease to make us howl.

Nerone and me

Now he wants in

Waiting for dinner


Time for a nap -- it's been a hard day

Beware of Dog

Because you might get licked to death!


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