Lake Lugano

After leaving Villa Cicogna Mozzoni, we drove to the town of Porto Ceresio at the edge of Lago Lugano on the Swiss border.

Sunset was nearing, casting a soft golden light over the lake. The buildings glowed as we walked along the lakeside promenade teeming with people beginning the evening passeggiata. Waterside cafes edged the avenue.

Lake Lugano

The evening passeggiata

A lively fountain sat in the middle of the promenade; we paused to admire it.

Me, Dad, and Mom by the waterfront fountain

Along the water, houses lined the shore, their boats docked like cars on a watery driveway.

We passed this house with colorful doors and a fabulous crusty fence

As we walked, Gianni noted the number of acorn husks littering the ground, empty of their acorns. Then he remembered an old belief: if you kept an acorn in your pocket, it would bring you good luck and ensure a long life. Laughing, he realized where all the acorns had gone.


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