Villa Caproni

The next day, the weather was nice. We took off again in Gianni’s car with only a regional ride in mind. Not many miles down the road, he pulled off at the Villa Caproni in Ticino.

This opulent villa had once been the residence of Count Caproni and his family, pioneers of the aeronautic industry in Italy. These days, the villa is rented out for weddings and other special occasions.

Senza Cozzar Dirocco

Senza Cozzar Dirocco: the motto coined by pilot and poet Gabrielle D’Annunzio about the torpedo bombers built by the Caproni. Loosely, the motto means, Without touching the ground, they hit their objectives from the sky. It sounds so much more poetic in Italian, doesn’t it?

Sitting alongside the road but at the edge of the extensive Ticino Park, this imposing building had just been the site of a wedding and a few people were cleaning up the remnants of flowers and dust. Gianni, as only Gianni does, asked if we could possibly duck in for a quick look. No problem.

One of the ornate halls in Villa Caproni

The architectural detail was as lovely inside as outside; tiles decorated several of the floors and ornate wood panels adorned some of the ceilings.

Gianni explains to Dad the history of the Caproni Family

Dad with yet another wine press

One room contained a huge wine press and wine barrels. As we returned to our car, a luxury car drove up. Gianni wondered if it might be some member of the Caproni family. Continuing our brief outing, we drove through another part of Ticino Park, where hikers were out enjoying the day. So were we.

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