Ranco — Just Like Home

Gino was now gone, waiting at his gate to board his flight home. Mom, Dad, and I exited the airport to claim our next rental car: a Fiat Qubo. It looked like a box on wheels but was very roomy and handled well.

On its windshield were three oval stickers.  Upon closer inspection we read that they were daily passes into the three-day Formula One race that had just been held in Monza. This car had been rented by the BMW race team!

With the map spread out on Mom’s lap, we traced our way the few miles to Ranco at the south end of Lago Maggiore, where our cousins live. As we pulled through the open gate to the familiar grounds, Nerone, our favorite Great Dane, bounded out to greet us.

Nerone, the best Great Dane you'll ever know!

Next, Donatella and Gianni streamed out of the house to welcome us. It was so great to see them again. Donatella fed us lunch and let us get settled in our rooms upstairs. It felt like coming home.

Donatella opening wine for our celebratory lunch

Greek salad on the Italian table

Donatella's unsurpassed spaghetti -- you've never tasted better!

Donatella, Mom, Dad, and Gianni -- famiglia of the heart


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