Slice of Life

Since we have already seen the “must do” sights of Venice, some more than once, we are always on the search for less-known corners of this magical place; it doesn’t take much wandering to find them.

Simply turning down one empty calle (alley) or entering a quiet piazza brings delightful discoveries: a colorful Madonna tucked into a niche, a shop window artistically decorated with pastries too pretty to eat, the tail of a passing gondola glimpsed through an arch at the end of an alleyway, a statue surrounded by potted plants on the other side of a curly-cued gate, a knot of blue-uniformed maids after a day’s work at a hotel, an abandoned medieval well heralded by laundry flapping overhead like ragged flags. A slice of life in Venice.

Artwork scratched onto a little-used entry way

A Medieval well, now safely capped,
keeps company with flapping laundry

Working on hand-crafted Carnevale masks, for which Venice is famous

Off to work

We watched these women chat amiably, happy to be done with the day's shift

Not a tourist in sight.

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