Pirate Protection

Dad atop the Belforte tower

The weather today was fickle. Back at our rooms, we dropped off coats; the sky was now blue and the rain seemed a foggy memory. Mom hung some laundry from the window, Italian-style. Dad, Gino, and I decided to climb the castle tower overlooking the town and harbor.

Lookouts on the Belforte tower warned of any invaders

In the Middle Ages, the Belforte tower atop the Castello Doria was Vernazza’s lookout. Although it no longer needs to provide protection against pirates, the view from the top does provide grand views in every direction.

“Don’t leave the castle without drinking our little wine called sciacchetra’ that brings so much happiness.” I’ll obey that order any day.

From our lofty point at the top of the tower, we noted there must be equally grand views from the nearby Belforte Restaurant and promptly decided to eat there tonight, providing the skies stayed clear. Wanting to secure reservations for this popular place, we hiked up the stone steps to the nearby entrance and put in our name for a table of four at 7:00.

Gino keeping an eye out for pirates -- but he'd want to join them

The views were glorious

Fishing boats resting in the harbor

The Ligurian coastline back towards Riomaggiore

Down off the tower, Dad pretends to be pooped


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