Lunch at Il Verziere

Today we were off to explore a couple of the smaller nearby Umbrian towns: specifically, Montefalco and Bevagna. Our detailed road map showed a way through the backroads to these two places. One of the advantages of having a car is being able to take these obscure routes and come and go as we please. Never mind parking headaches.

First heading towards a teensy town called San Damiano, the narrow road took us through a charming little berg called Montecchio, and through another — oddly named Bastardo. Meandering up and down through rolling hills, incredible views in all directions and hardly any traffic whatsoever, we eventually arrived in the village of Montefalco.

Just inside the old town walls (hilltowns all seem to have old town walls), we stopped for lunch at a promising looking trattoria: Il Verziere (meaning garden). Eclectically decorated, the walls and ceiling were dripping with every imaginable musical instrument from all over the world. Photographs, wine bottles, cork screws, and oddball artifacts completed the decor. Soft jazz music played throughout.

Il Verziere -- a trattoria like no other

Entranced, we sat down. A waiter warmly greeted us and brought over complimentary glasses of prosecco (which commonly occurred wherever we ate in Umbria). We began our repast with a plate of antipasti typical to the area. Except for the liver pate’ crostini — not our favorite — is was all absolutely yummy. The town itself proved to be the same.

Enjoying our lunch at Il Verziere

The plate of antipasti was delicious -- except for the liver pate'!

Outside of Il Verziere

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