Morning With Fabrizio

It's a beautiful morning from the top of Fabrizio's house

This morning Fabrizio brought a delicious frittata for breakfast, made for us by his girlfriend Veronica. (While we stayed at his B&B/house, he spent most of his time at her house down in the valley, where she lives with her aging aunt.) He also brought us a bottle of his home-made wine for us to drink while there.

His CD collection is amazingly extensive. He chose some morning music he thought we’d enjoy to accompany our meal. We talked about his shelves and shelves of books filling every room, mostly on history, art, architecture, and more history. I asked if he has read them and he shyly admitted to having read most all of them — mostly while on the train he used to take to and from work.

We pored over his vast and amazing collection of tiny military figurines which stood on several shelves in a built-in wall case tucked into the living room wall. Protected by glass, rows upon rows of small figures portrayed military dress from ancient to modern day. It was a collection truly fit for a museum.

Ever the gracious and friendly host, Fabrizio asked how we were enjoying our stay at his house. We assured him it was like staying in our own home — it was very comfortable and cozy. He confessed that he liked having Americans stay there because they are “open” people — much more than the Italians, he said, who are more reserved, in general. Trusting his sincerity, I still found that observation surprising.

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