Take It From the Top

This was also the day we planned to visit the inside of the Tempio di San Fortunato (Church of San Fortunato) — you may remember that until now, we had only seen the outside.

Church of San Fortunato -- finally open

Incredible detail on the exterior of San Fortunato

I had read that the inside of the church was light and airy, not the usual brooding interior so common in Gothic churches. And it was, thanks to windows that open onto the side chapels. From the inside of the church, we descended into the crypt which houses the bones of Jacopone, Todi’s famous poet.

Also from this church we could access the adjoining campanile (bell tower). Since I rarely let a climbable tower go unclimbed, we paid the small fee and ascended for a magnificent 360 degree view of the town and surroundings.

Campanile of San Fortunato

Legend claims that Todi was founded by an eagle — indeed, the eagle appears on the city crest and is depicted almost everywhere throughout the town. True to its mascot, Todi’s vantage point from the top of a steep hill provides an eagle’s-eye view of the green valley below. As we reached the top of the bell tower, we shared this incredible view with any eagle that might venture by.

From the top of the campanile

Mom and Dad descending the tower


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