A Moment of Song

Having returned to Todi from our day in Deruta, we still had the late afternoon free. Since we had already seen some of the town, but under drizzle, we took advantage of the sunny skies to explore it more thoroughly.

We continued our explorations of Todi

Could you find a prettier window?

An old stone laundry

Looking out from the Via Mura Etrusche

Following the knot of passages winding and twisting through the town, we eventually came to Via Mura Etrusche, the Street of the Etruscan Wall, at the edge of the hill. Fabulous views of the valleys stretched below. It was a struggle to decide whether to turn our heads left towards the enchanting stone buildings or look right towards the luxuriant green yawning into the distance. So we took time for both.

Street of the Etruscan Wall

Dad admiring the view

Turning a corner, we heard a male voice booming from an open window and reverberating off the stone walls — someone was practicing his singing. The voice soared, then stopped, only to begin again as his muse struck. We stood motionless, letting the deep notes wash over us, an unseen audience to this invisible performer.

As Gino, Mom, and Dad moved on, I lingered behind a few moments, not wanting to break the spell, before reluctantly running to catch up.

Gino at the edge of Todi


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