Lunch on High

Halfway through the walk, busy Piazza del Comune and those promised tourists came into view. By then we were ready for lunch so I scouted around for a fitting restaurant. Not wanting to eat right on the square (usually more crowded, more expensive, and less value), I checked out several adjacent alleys. I found a perfect looking trattoria in a small alley just off the piazza: Taverna dei Consoli.

Taverna dei Consoli with Panoramic Terrace

A few steps led up through the entrance. Inside the door, we found we were eye-level to an open window into the kitchen; heads of busy chefs bobbed in and out of view. Over the window was posted a sign that translated loosely as, “Beware of the war zone.” Laughing with the cooks, we followed the waiter up and out onto a lovely terrace that –surprise! — overlooked the piazza. We were eating on the piazza after all, but from above.

View off to the side from the terrace above the taverna

Directly below us this fountain swirled with visitors

A nun graciously gives a blessing to a pesky tourist

The food and wine were excellent and our bird’s-eye view of the fountain and lively action swirling below was an unexpected treat.

Gino, Dad, and Mom wait for lunch to arrive

First the wine

Then the assortment of salumi

Gino lives on Caprese salad whenever we're in Italy

Finally, the pasta -- ravioli. Are you hungry yet?

Continuing on, we were now in the thick of souvenir heaven; we readily succumbed to the shopping frenzy and made a few purchases ourselves. A woman sitting at a sewing machine in front of a shop called me over by asking my name. Zip zip zip — in a flash she presented me with a paper on which she had sewn “Melinda” in pretty red thread. This almost drew me inside to buy a personalized apron or towel until I remembered — I don’t cook!

Just a reminder of where we are


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