Assisi — From the Top

Fortified by Fabrizio’s substantial breakfast, we were off to Assisi, birthplace of Christianity’s beloved saint, St. Francis.

The town of Assisi spills down the slopes of Mount Subasio, with the Basilica di San Francesco its crowning glory. After parking near Piazza Matteotti at the top of town, we began our walk down. Our first encounter was the remains of a small Roman Amphitheater, now surrounded by a tight little neighborhood.

Madonna protects the entrance to Assisi from Porta Perlici

Nearby we came to Porta Perlici, remnants of one of Assisi’s Medieval gates. Stepping through, we were met with a fabulous panorama of the rolling hills of Umbria and the distant castle fortress of Rocca Maggiore.

Mom and Dad coming back through Porta Perlici after enjoying the panoramic view

Rocca Maggiore on the distant hill

Continuing downward we traversed almost-deserted cobblestoned allies, passing ornate cathedrals and churches, medieval vaults and arches, and balconies dripping with blooms. We were floored by the astounding beauty and tranquility surrounding us.

So far, none of those pesky tourists dispelled the quiet of this lovely walk. Although we knew we would soon come upon them, we wouldn’t mind so much now when we did.

We did see one of those pesky tourists taking video...oh, it's Gino

She obviously loves where she lives -- who wouldn't?!

This motorino is OK!

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