Fabrizio — We Finally Meet

After refreshments at the Gran Caffe’, we returned to Dimora Ada B&B, where we finally made the acquaintance of our host, Fabrizio. I was delighted to find that he spoke very little English — I could give my Italian skills a good workout.

Fabrizio turned out to be extremely hospitable and friendly. We were truly staying in his house, although he spent most of his time at his girlfriend’s place down in the valley. He showed us around his home, chatting comfortably.

Later that evening, Dad and Fabrizio watched soccer on TV together like old friends. Gino and I ventured out again and finished the evening at Cavour Ristorante Pizzeria, not far from our B&B. A warm yellow light welcomed us in from the cold night. We sat amongst the tables bustling with cheery locals, enjoying the friendly banter surrounding us like a cozy blanket.

The next morning we had our fingers crossed for good weather — or at least no rain because today was Assisi day.

From the rooftop terrace of Dimora Ada, the day looked promising

A bird's eye view of neighboring rooftops from our terrace

A few years ago we spent a week in Spello, a short hop from Assisi. Despite this easy proximity to Saint Francis’ famous town, we purposely did not go. I had heard how it was very overrun with tourists and lined with kitschy souvenir shops and it just didn’t sound like my idea of an authentic experience. However, over the years I have realized that most places are “touristy” for a reason. It draws visitors for something special. I decided this was the year to finally see this famous little town.

But first, breakfast. The price of our B&B included breakfast and Fabrizio was determined to provide us with the “big breakfasts that Americans like.” We tried to convince him that at home during the week, we eat very small breakfasts and when we travel we always like to eat in the manner of the host culture. But he was unconvinced and presented us with an array of pastries, bread, cheese, and meats. We didn’t complain.

From our bedroom window,
a glimpse into the alley below before we head out for the day


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