Arrivederci Roma

Since this was our last night in Rome, the four of us decided to commemorate it by having a glass of wine in the loft that overhung the couch in the living room. Giggling as we climbed the steep wooden ladder to the platform above, we lounged on the cloth-covered mattress and toasted our time in my favorite city on earth.

We weren't drunk -- honest -- but we were sure having a good time

By this time the rain had stopped, so we tiptoed over puddles to a restaurant around the corner in Piazza Cesarini Sforza, the piazza where every morning we had enjoyed our cappuccini and cornetti.

Earlier that morning we had scrutinized the menus of two restaurants, Trattoria da Luigi and Antica Trattoria Polese, both located right there in Piazza Cesarini Sforza.

Table wine from Antica Trattoria Polese

Ultimately deciding upon Antica Trattoria Polese, known for fine traditional Roman food, we spent our last night enjoying a fabulous meal sitting outside beneath the awnings, befitting our final day in the Eternal City.

Do you like your water naturale or frizzante? I like it con gas

A toast to the Eternal City -- we will see you again

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