The Old Boys’ Club

With an eye on the clock for the return trip back to Orvieto, we retraced our steps down the bridge and back through Bagnoregio.

A fountain we passed while walking back through Bagnoregio

While we waited for the bus, we entertained ourselves by spying on the goings-on at the outdoor local men’s club.

From our vantage point overlooking the scene below, we could watch the men’s club in full action. Several tables were set outside, each with a small group of men sitting around it. They were playing a game of cards that Dad recognized as “Pidro,” a card game he recalled from his childhood played by his father and his friends.

Pidro Players

Dad remembers as a child going to sleep to the sound of his dad and his buddies slapping cards down onto the table with a loud “Thwak!,” swearing in Italian between gulps of wine.

The players entertained us with their own slapping, swearing, and swigging until the autobus arrived to transport us back to Orvieto.

With plenty of time before the train back to Rome, we cooled our heels across the street at a bar, drinking wine and eating potato chips from an outside table. I remember laughing our heads off but now I can’t remember why.

It had been a long day

Our train arrived and soon we were pulling into Rome’s Termini station — it was just in time to board a city bus back to our stop on Corso Vittorio Emmanuele.


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