A Celebration in Flowers

What's left of an Etruscan pillar -- now just a stub

The cathedral came into view, built where an Etruscan temple, and later a Roman temple, once stood. After marveling at the stubs of Etruscan pillars that still stand in a row in front of the church, we went inside.

A crowd of candles flickering at the foot of the Madonna —
I added one in memory of Jan

The light was dim, but stray cords of sunshine splashed onto the floor revealing a fragrant work of art streaming down the center aisle. Two young women and an older man were putting finishing touches on a carpet of multi-colored flowers laid out in symmetrical patterns on the old red tiled floor. They were preparing for the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of the town’s oldest residents.

What better way to honor a 50th wedding anniversary?


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