A Slice of Life in the Eternal City

A silent state is an accomplice state -- War veterans and returning soldiers ask for justice in keeping their jobs and rights

Enroute to our next Roman destination, we passed a small group of people sitting in front of tents, silently demonstrating distasteful policies of Berlusconi — the Italians’ version of George W. Bush.

It was an entertaining walk. Passing a stretch of road construction, we stood watching with rapt attention as a small bobcat spilled piles of cobblestones in a heap near a group of orange-clad workmen. The workers then set each stone, one by one, in meticulous order, painstakingly pounding them into place in an agonizingly slow recreation of the original street.

These time-worn cobblestones are definitely worth preserving

An archaeologist works to resurrect ancient Rome

The cobblestones are intriguing, but don't forget to also look up!

Or you might also miss this

Or this...

Be careful crossing the street -- especially when wine is going by

You might also meet the garbage collector

Or go shopping -- for only Italian shoes (is there any other kind?!)

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