This Would Never Happen in the U.S.A.

Back at Desart House, we again found it deserted.  Only a note from Sylvia posted on the door:  “I have had to go out.  If I am not back before you return please leave the money (100 pounds) in the drawer of your dressing table.  Many thanks.  Hope you enjoyed your stay.  Sylvia Roberts.” And then her cell phone numbers.

We were stunned.  Leaving the entire house open to us, strangers? Trusting us to leave the payment for the night’s stay in the drawer upon our departure? This would never happen in the U.S.A.!  Once again we were impressed with the trust and kindness shown by the Irish (even Northern!) people.

We dutifully left our pounds where instructed, along with a note of thanks for a lovely stay, then pointed our car westward towards County Mayo and the tiny berg of Aghamore, where Gino’s maternal grandmother had been born and raised.

Heading southwest to County Mayo


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