Brazenly Blazing Onward

On our walk back to the Anchor Guesthouse where we would meet up with Mom and Dad, Gino and I had it mind to seek out the Brazen Head Pub.

Brazen Head Pub -- serving brew since 1198

Serving brew since 1198, long before the licensing laws of 1635 kicked in, this pub is considered the oldest in Dublin.  A wooden bench rests outside next to its brick exterior wall and entrance, this day occupied by a man sitting with head in hands, apparently lamenting that one last pint.

We ventured in to have a look at the pub’s enclosed cobbled stone courtyard and three cozy adjoining rooms, all in the mode of traditional Irish pub decor.   The Brazen Head is also a venue for excellent Irish music — if we had had more time, it would have been fun to spend a couple of hours there, snacking, having a pint, and listening to music.

Pushing onward, we passed Georgian architecture, old stone churches, and expansive green parks, stopping for closer views as the whim struck. Christ Church came into view, which we had only seen from outside on our walking tour the day before.

Christ Church Cathedral

Located in the former heart of medieval Dublin, its construction began in 1038 which purportedly makes it the oldest building in the city.

Integrated stone bridge -- part of Christ Church Cathedral

Regretfully, we did not pay the fee to go in and explore it — we had run out of time.  Alas, we had spent too long at Arthur Guinness’s altar.


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