Temple Bar — A Sacred Place to Drink

Temple Bar is an area, not a pub. Well, there is a pub named Temple Bar in the middle of Temple Bar… But the area came first and when you refer to “Temple Bar,” you are referring to the neighborhood that has become the heart of Dublin’s pub culture.

First appearing on a map all the way back in 1673, Temple Bar was first a street. And that street was named after Sir William Temple who lived in a nearby mansion. Rumor has it that Sir Temple had a garden that bordered the river Liffey and part of that garden occupied the river bar. Hence, Temple Bar.

But whatever was the origin of the name, it is now synonymous with pubs and partying. One of the few parts of Dublin that retains a Medieval feel, Temple Bar will entertain you even without entering one of its watering holes.

Temple Bar street scene -- before dark

In search for a perfect pub, we jostled among the revelers swarming the streets. Pausing at the outskirts of a pool of people, we watched a young man execute tricks on a unicycle while flipping a flaming torch high into the air.

Oliver St. John Gogarty, one of the most colorful pubs in Temple Bar

Hmmm...where to next?

Guinness Casserole...my kind of meal

But as sacrilegious as it may have been, we chose not to pull our pints here in Temple bar. Instead, we strolled off in the direction of Grafton Street where we found O’Neill’s Pub tucked away on Suffolk Street. Gino proclaimed it our destination of the night.

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